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ISGK Screw Press

ISGK Screw Press

Equipment Advantages

High Performance Type with Low Power Consumption

The electric motor for the main drive is of an energy-saving design. Compared with other dehydrators it has a big advantage in electric consumption

Compact Design and Easy maintenance

Light weight and simple structure results in easy operation and maintenance

No Vibration or Noise

The rotation speed of screw shaft is normally 0.1- 2 rpm. Therefore no noise or vibration is generated and a good operating environment can be maintained.

Metallic Screen, not Filter Cloth

Metallic Screen filter provides for a stably operation without frequent filter replacement

Dewatering Mechanism

Products News

ISHIGAKI' s ISGK Screw Press was awarded the Chairman Prize "Certificate of excellence for environmental machinery" by the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers.

Typical Applications

  • Sewage sludge treatment
  • Industrial waste sludge treatment
  • Sedimentation sludge treatment

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Pressing Rotary Outer Cylinder-Type Screw Press (Model ISGK)   (1.65MB)

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