Quality and Environment

Quality and Environment

Efforts Toward Quality and Environment

With a high rate of customer satisfaction, we provide products and services with consideration for the environmental conservation of Earth.

Ishigaki obtained the international quality certification standard ISO 9001 in 1996 and the international environmental standard ISO 14001 in 2001.

Quality / Environmental Policy

Making constant efforts to contribute to society, this company positions customer satisfaction and environmental conservation as top priorities for all of its business activities.

  1. Customer satisfaction improvement
    Working to providing products, plants, and services that meet customers’ needs and hopes, and gain customers’ trust and satisfaction.
  2. Continual improvement
    To bring about the continuous improvement in quality and environmental management system availability in general company activities.
  3. Adherence to regulations
    To adhere to regulations and other requirements to which the company has agreed.
  4. Contributing to environmental conservation
    To develop products with consideration for environmental conservation, and to contribute to environmental conservation by providing the products.
  5. The development of technology and technical skill
    Working to further learn new technologies and skills, and making efforts to boost quality and efficiency.