Trusted Technology


Ishigaki's Business of
Supporting Water Infrastructure and Industry

Ishigaki provides various technologies, involving water from three business segments,
as solutions for all aquatic environmental fields and industrial fields.

Aquatic Environmental Field : Environmental Machinery

Aquatic Environmental Field : Environmental Machinery

Based on the enormous experience we have developed and our success in water and sewer infrastructure, we provide optimization solutions for energy conservation, curtailment of CO2 emissions, and reduction of costs, etc.

Aquatic Environmental <br> Field : Pumps

Aquatic Environmental
Field : Pumps

We provide each pump that has aggregated fluid technology to the infrastructure of society. We design for each of the customers’ conditions and provide optimal solutions.

Industrial Sector : <br> Industrial Machinery

Industrial Sector :
Industrial Machinery

Ishigaki has the technology that makes it possible to do solid-liquid separation that is difficult for other companies. With the high quality solutions of our company’s collective efforts, we will solve the problems of our customers.

Company Profile


Ishigaki is an engineerined manufacturer that supports water infrastructure and industry.
Our corporate
philosophy is to “Trusted Technology,” and we have put many technologies for preserving and
supporting water out into the world.


All ISHIGAKI products are water-related