IDF Vacuum Drum Filter

IDF Vacuum Drum Filter High-efficiency and reliable continuous dewatering

Equipment Advantages

  • Long Life, Easy Maintenance

    The filter is designed for easy and minimum maintenance over an extended operational life.

  • Stable Treating Capability

    After discharging the cake, the filter cloth is washed on both sides and this maintains a stable treating capacity.


A – Slurry is absorbed to the filter cloth by means of the suction pipe mounted inside of drum.
B – The slurry absorbed to the cloth is dewatered through the drum and then the cake is formed.
C – Dewatered cake is discharged by means of the discharge roller.
D – The filter cloth is washed on both sides.
E – A deviation of filter cloth is automatically corrected by means of the unique device “EPC Roller”


  • Steel industry
  • Nonferrous metal industry
  • Fiber industry
  • Electric industry
  • Paper manufacturing/pulp industry

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IDF型 ダイレクトフィルター

IDF型 ダイレクトフィルター

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